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Best Waterfalls in Cape York

16 May 2022
Waterfall in Cape York QLD 4WD Hire Cairns

Cape York in Far North Queensland is one of the best destinations to visit for a 4WD holiday. This remote location has a range of experiences for everyone. You can self-drive or do a 4WD tour with expert drivers and learn about the area as you go, even go to some special destinations that only the locals know. Best of all, after a day of driving, exploring, and walking, there is nothing better than swimming in a waterfall to cool off. Explore the stunning, croc free, waterfalls in the Cape York Region. The best time to enjoy these falls is during the dry season when the creeks are not swollen and dangerous from the heavy rains. Wake up early in the morning to view the falls covered in morning mist for one of the most peaceful magical experiences you can have.

Fruit Bat Falls

Fruit Bat Falls is one of Far North Queensland’s most iconic, must visit sights on the Old Telegraph Track located in the Jardine River National Park. The spring-fed waterfall allows a flow of water to cascade over the flat edged walls into an expansive natural lagoon. The waterfalls are low and wide providing the perfect spot for a relaxing swim. Explore the clear pools and enjoy a break from the dust as you soak amongst your natural surroundings. The area has no toilet facilities but does have some shady picnic tables. Fruit Bat Falls is just a short drive from Twin and Elliot Falls.

Twin & Elliot Falls

Both Twin and Elliot Falls, only accessible by 4WD, stand side-by-side, linked by boardwalks and walking tracks. The only difference between the two falls is the depth of water. They are perfect for those who appreciate the adrenaline of waterfalls splashing and mist spraying, attached to a large body of water and scattered rock pools to sit and soak in. The Elliot Falls campsite is close by with toilets, picnic tables and campfire facilities, making this a popular overnight destination.

Josephine Falls

Josephine Falls presents a natural water playground for all ages to enjoy. This family friendly area is easily accessible with no complex walks or climbs to reach it. There are two spots to visit during your stop. The first is the top pool which has a viewing platform with gorgeous photo opportunities. While the bottom is a swimming hole where you can float about as long as you’d like. The area has facilities to ensure you can enjoy the area all day, these include toilets, picnic shelters and tables.

Add these amazing destinations to your must-see places in Cape York, you won’t be disappointed. Regardless of how you plan to travel, make sure you book early as Cape York has limited accommodation for tour groups, regardless of your choice of camping or hotel style accommodation. If you plan to drive, book your 4WD as early as you can as there are a limited number available in far North Queensland, and you can only go in the dry season due to the vehicle insurance. For expert advice on which 4WD vehicle to hire, contact the team at 4WD Hire Cairns.