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Frequently Asked Questions about Vehicle Hire in Australia

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page for car hire. Whether you’re looking to hire a car for a short trip, or for an extended period, you’re in the right place. Here, you will find a wealth of information to help you make a well-informed decision when it comes to hiring a car. We understand that car hire can sometimes be daunting, so our FAQs will provide you with the answers to the most common questions and concerns that customers have when hiring a car.

Who can drive the rental vehicle?

If you are 25 years or older and hold a current and full motor vehicle driver’s licence, you will be able to hire one of our cars. Additional charges apply for drivers aged between 21-25. We do not accept Digital Driver’s licenses. The driver, or a passenger in the vehicle, must present their credit card as a security deposit when you pick up your car. The credit limit must be sufficient to cover the insurance excess in case you have a car accident.
If the driver’s licence is not in English then we require an accredited English translation or an International Driver Permit. We do not accept Digital Driver’s licences. The driver or a passenger in the vehicle must present their credit card as a security deposit. The credit limit must be sufficient to cover the insurance excess in case you have a car accident.

Can you use an International license?

Should a foreign licence be in a language other than English, it must be accompanied by a current International Driving Permit, issued in the same country as the foreign licence was issued, or by an accredited English translation of that foreign licence.

Can I easily extend or reduce my rental period prior to travel?

Unfortunately, there is no refund for late pickup or early return of the vehicle. Changes made to a booking prior to travel will usually be classed as a cancellation and a new booking will be required, including:
– Change to pick-up or drop-off dates
– Change to pick-up or drop-off branch location
– Change of vehicle, unless the vehicle is unavailable at the time of hire
– Cancellation or amendment fees will be charged.

However, you may be able to extend your vehicle hire whilst on hire, here are the steps: 
– Should You wish to extend the rental period whilst on hire, you must first obtain authorisation
– The extra cost of an extended rental must be paid by credit card over the telephone immediately on confirmation of the rental extension.
– The additional days will be at the daily standard gross rental charge for the Vehicle applicable at the time of the extension.
amendment fees will be charged.

Can I rent a children’s car seat?

Of course! Capsules, Baby seats, and boosters are available for some vehicles at no charge, others may charge a fee. Alternatively, you can also hire car seats, boosters and capsules from local child equipment supply shops in Cairns. 

Can I take pets in the vehicle?

This will depend on the vehicle you hire. An additional fee will be charged.

Can I take the vehicle anywhere in Australia/off-road/water crossings?

Different vehicles have different driving restrictions due to the insurance. You need to make sure the vehicle is suitable for where you want to go and what you want to do – make sure you hire from a company that understands these conditions as your insurance is invalid if you take a vehicle to somewhere that is not permitted. In some cases places like Cape York may require written permission to travel to certain destinations.

Can I drive on toll roads? How do I pay for toll road charges?

Any tolls or traffic infringements are the responsibility of the person hiring the vehicle. 
We will pass on any charges the guest receives for traffic infringements, tolls, or parking fines during their road trip. For tollway fees received, we reserve the right to charge the guest’s credit or debit card upon receiving the tollway fee. An administration fee will also be charged to cover associated administrative costs. Per toll way fee, traffic infringement, or parking fine received may be charged.

Can I drop my vehicle to a different location?

This will depend on the vehicle that is hired. If it is possible, there may be a fee charged for this option.

What are the refuelling and cleaning policies and fees?

Vehicles must be returned in a reasonable state of cleanliness, completely free of mud, rubbish, and pet hair. 
If applicable, the toilet and waste water tank must both be returned empty or a cleaning fee will be charged to you in respect to each tank.
Cleaning fees will be charged if the vehicle is returned in an unreasonable state of cleanliness and/or an additional fee in the event the vehicle needs pet cleaning. This excludes service animals. 
Should the vehicle need deodorising as a result of smoking a fee will be charged. 
A cleaning fee may be charged if the vehicle is not returned in reasonable condition, with the interior cleaned and holding tanks emptied. Excessive dirt or mud on the exterior was removed. A cleaning fee may be charged at the depot manager’s discretion.

How can I reduce the cost of my rental car?

1. Book early for the best prices and availability
2. Hire the correct vehicle and add-ons for your needs
3. Know the requirements and restrictions of your vehicle hire
4. Follow the rules 
5. Return the vehicle on time, clean and refuelled. 
6. For more tips on reducing the cost of your rental car, take a look at our blog.