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Things to know about car hire

Things to Know About Car Hire

Not everyone knows about car hire and travelling to destinations like Cape York needs a little extra attention. You need to check the insurance and restriction of each vehicle as they all vary depending on the vehicle. If you go somewhere not permitted you are not covered by insurance.

If you want to travel on any unsealed roads, you need to make sure that you have selected unsealed roads when hiring your vehicle to ensure the insurance will cover your trip.  

The best way to ensure you are getting all the information you need about vehicle hire is to work with a local, experienced and knowledgeable team, like 4WD hire Cairns.

Carefully select and book the dates required as there are no refunds for early returns. People may think that keeping the car for a few extra days will be no problem – however, the vehicle may be already booked so you are required to return the vehicle on the required date and time.

If a vehicle is picked up from the airport after hours, please be sure to have contacted the office to ensure your licence details, booking contract, and full payment has already been made.

Plan your trip so you get to town the day before you pick up the car, check out the local area and grab some supplies, ready for your trip.

Regional Attractions

Cairns Aerial View 4WD Hire Cairns

Cairns Day Trips

There are so many things to do locally. You can spend a day or a whole week around town.

From good food to go-carts. There is something for everyone in Cairns.

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SkyRail to Kuranda 4WD Hire Cairns


Surrounded by the world’s oldest living tropical rainforest, the colorful village of Kuranda is known as the Village in the Rainforest.

Just 25km northwest of Cairns.

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Cape Tribulation 4WD Hire Cairns

Daintree & Cape Tribulation

The Daintree covers 1200 sq km between the Mossman Gorge and Bloomfield River. Cape Tribulation is where the Wet Tropics Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef meet.


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Great Barrier Reef Trip 4WD Hire Cairns

Great Barrier Reef

Visiting the Reef includes: snorkelling, scuba diving, aircraft or helicopter tours, glass-bottomed boats, semi-submersibles and educational trips, cruise ship tours, whale watching and swimming with dolphins.

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Atherton Tablelands 4WD Hire Cairns

Atherton Tablelands

Located just south of Cairns, the cooler-climate of the Atherton Tablelands has variety of landscapes and attractions – waterfalls, national parks and coffee plantations. Markets, food and wine.

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Cape York 4WD Hire Cairns

Torres Strait

The ultimate self-drive location – Cape York. You will find more 4WDs here than anywhere else in the country. A 1200km strip of road connects Cairns with Cape York allow at least 7 days to take the drive.

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