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Planning a 4WD Trip

Planning a 4WD Trip – Top 10 4WD Tips

10 Things You Must Know Before Your 4WD Adventure
Is this your first time on or off the road in a 4WD camper? You’re about to experience a trip like no other! With some good preparation, you’ll feel like a real explorer – whilst enjoying the Australian wilderness on one of many iconic 4WD routes. Here’s 10 top tips to help you on your way.

1. Give yourself lots of time to get to your destination
It may not look far on a map, but with dirt roads, travelling is likely to take longer than you expect, but that’s part of the whole experience. When visiting a picturesque spot, you will probably want to enjoy it for as long as possible. There may be parts of a track where 60kph is suitable, but in other sections you will need to be at a much slower speed. You will have plenty to see and do either way, but leave enough time to travel at a safe pace and allow yourself to stop and soak up the scenery. You could also find yourself at a water crossing, which can slow things down considerably. Here is our Cape York Travel Guide – it might help!

2. Always have plenty of potable water
You should probably carry 20 litres as a minimum. Enough water for everyone is an essential part of a good trip. Again, just good planning for your 4WD trip.

3. Got a shovel?
Make sure you have a long handled shovel in your travel gear. Go for a post hole shovel and not one with a square mouth. This will be invaluable when getting you out of a mud hole and a shovel has hundreds of uses: a toilet stop, setting up your fire pit, or putting or lifting the top off a camp oven.

4. Keep it clean
A healthy group means a happy trip. Make sure you always wash your hands thoroughly after going to the toilet. A liberal dose of detergent and cleaning both sides of your hands, getting in-between your fingers before handling or cooking food is important to good hygiene. Make sure you all know the rules for handling food, in particular those first timers in the bush!

5. Pack a well stocked First Aid Kit
A good sized first aid kit with the normal items you may need is fine. It is best to include at least the following: different sized Band-Aids, 4 bandages (two 50mm wide for snakebite), pain killers and some general antibiotics, anti-inflammatory tablets or cream, anti-histamine tablets such as for hay fever, arm sling, cotton wool (sticks and buds), antidiarrheal medicine, a few packets of wet wipes, antiseptic cream, iodine, cortisone cream, first aid book, scalpel, some small surgical scissors, Vaseline and zinc cream.

6. Better bring some Aeroguard or an insect proof shelter
Insect-proof open tents will allow you to relax and enjoy the scenery while you eat, without those annoying bugs.

7. Pick and pack with purpose
Have a purpose for each container you pack with (food, cooking gear, and clothes) as this will help you keep everything organised. Snap-lock bags can be compressed to save space and be shaped to be the right fit. Using two food containers, one for ‘now’ and another in ‘reserve’ is also recommended. A soft bag is always the best way to pack your clothes to best utlise the space you have. Planning your 4WD trip will make all the difference.

8. Study your travel route before you leave
Working out your trip in the comfort of your lounge room is much better than on the side of a road, in the dark, in the wrong place! When you have planned your 4WD itinerary take time to study a travel map, even if you have GPS. It makes it a lot easier to just enjoy the adventure, knowing you’re on the right track. Also understand your 4WD car hire insurance.

9. Keep the essentials within easy reach
Over the course of your trip you will eventually discover the best way to pack your stuff in your 4WD. You should start however by putting frequently needed items where you can get to them. Keep some essential items in the back seat like, extra clothes, towels and maybe a hat. You could have a few tools and a torch in a secure box where you can reach them easily.

10. Last but not least pack a small axe, a bush saw and some fire gloves
A bush saw has a large bowed handle for cutting larger timber branches. An axe that is not too large will be much more use than a tomahawk. When you can light a fire, these are very handy. They allow you to, make a fire that burns less wood, but always use them in a safe manner. Finally, packing a pair of leather work gloves allows you to grab a hot items quickly.

With these handy tips and tricks you’re now ready to plan your trip, Our 4WD hire experts are ready to help with any questions at 4WD Hire Cairns.

Planning your trip can make all the difference, think about a night or two in Cairns before you depart – there is a lot to do and see.

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