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Your Cape York Travel Guide

24 October 2022
Cape York, QLD 4WD Hire Cairns

Cape York Peninsula is in Far North Queensland and is known as untouched land, filled with Australian wilderness. It is home to undisturbed tropical rainforests and an abundance of wildlife. There are many places to stay and many things to do, so what are the best options for you? Take a look at our Cape York Travel Guide as we list some of the best accommodation as well as top activities to check out during your stay.

Best Accommodation in Cape York

There are various accommodation options in Cape York including campsites and lodging, depending on your journey. If traveling via Bamaga then you can stay at indigenous and community owned Cape York Peninsula Lodge. However if camping (or glamping) is more your style then be sure to check out these options.

Cape York Camping – Punsand Bay

There are plenty of great accommodation options that you can choose from when traveling to Cape York. If you’re searching for the “perfect” accommodation experience, then Camping in Punsand Bay is the ultimate destination for you. Wifi is available but is limited so make the most of a digital detox.

This accommodation is ideal for anyone who enjoys birdwatching, adventuring, and learning about what Cape York is all about. Punsand Bay is in a unique and untouched spot. It is a special place to visit as you will be able to feel the unspoiled land beneath your feet. It is the perfect spot to witness the sun rise and take a dip in the clear cool sea. The campground is filled with wildlife. Restaurants are located right next to the Arafura Sea, making it the ideal place to relax and enjoy. 

Glamping on Roko Island

When looking for accommodation, you could just stay at another motel. If you’re searching for a more luxurious style of accommodation, glamping on Roko Island will surely give you that experience as you enjoy the outdoors.

Plus setting up a tent is not required. When arriving at your accommodation, you will be in awe of your bamboo framed tent, with stunning ocean views. This glamping experience offers families or couples a great opportunity to be closer to the wildlife that lives on the island. Wildlife like native birds and the resident crocodile. As well as going fishing, relaxing by the breathtaking ocean, and watching the golden sunset by your tent. This glamping experience is ideal for families who are searching for an exciting adventure or couples who want something a little more romantic. 

Top Things to Do in Cape York

Roko Island

​Roko Island is located a short 20 minute boat ride from Seisa wharf located a 7 minute drive from Bamaga. There are pickup options available from the Punsand Bay Campground. The island is owned by the Tchen Pan family and is also known as a pearl farm that produces South Sea pearls. It also offers glamping experiences and tours for travellers. 

There are many activities to do on Roko Island, including sport fishing, eco safaris, historical tours with a focus on WW2, land-based 4WD tours, pearls shopping, and boat tours. It is a little piece of paradise that the owners are wanting to share with the world, allowing for tourists to stay at one of many many accommodation options or just enjoy one of their popular tours. This activity is at the top of our list of the top things to do in Cape York as it provides an abundance of fun for all travellers.

Jardine River National Park

On the tip of Cape York Peninsula, lies the iconic Jardine River National Park. It is located in Queensland, Australia, and is known for its great camping spots and bird-watching opportunities. Visitors can camp at Eliot Falls, Twin Falls and Fruit Bat Falls, North and South Jardine River, or Captain Billy Landing. The park is filled with native wildlife, picnic tables, toilets, and spots for camping trailers. 

You can set up a great camping spot and enjoy roasted marshmallows over a nice warm fire. During the day, you can explore Jardine River national park and bring your binoculars to spot some of Australians’ most interesting birds. The yellow-billed kingfisher, the northern Australian brush-turkey, and our common native birds such as the cheeky cockatoos to name a few.

There are crocodiles in the water and surrounding wetlands so take caution when visiting. It is only safe to swim in crocodile-free waterfalls (Eliot and Fruit Bat Falls). The only safe way to cross the Jardine River is via the ferry. It is a very short journey to the other side. It does get flooded during the wet season so it is best to visit during the dry season (May to October). As it is a national park, no dogs are allowed.

The Jardine River National Park is the ideal place to take your family for a holiday with a great accommodation experience and plenty of fun activities to do during the day. 

Cape York Waterfalls

Ahh, Cape York’s waterfalls. There is an abundance of stunning waterfalls that travellers can visit during their stay in Cape York. These include the lesser known Endeavour Falls, a perfect spot for photos, and a cute picnic date. You will be tempted to take a dip in the water, however, if swimming with crocodiles isn’t your thing, we would recommend you just enjoy the view. This area is accessible through the Endeavour Falls Tourist Park located 25 minutes north-west of Cooktown, making it an easy day trip to plan.

If you’re searching for a quick swim, drive 8 minutes north of Endeavour Falls up to Hope Vale and enjoy the crocodile-free cool waters of Isabella Falls. Make it an exciting adventure and visit all the waterfalls during your stay in Cape York!

Art and History in Cape York

Cape York is filled with history and culture, including ancient Aboriginal art. Lockhart River Arts showcase some of Australians’ most beautiful art pieces, including pieces from the world-famous Lockhart River Art Gang. Wik and Kugu Art Centre and Cooktown School of Art Society also display some of Australia’s most ancient history. It displays some of the region’s best and newest artists that will surely make you impressed. This is ideal for those who enjoy learning about history, art, and culture from our local talent.

Cape York is a place that has been untouched and is filled with Australian wilderness and adventure. Whether you’re wanting to chase waterfalls, visit art centres or hop on an eco-safari, Cape York will satisfy all your adventure needs. So, travel up to Cape York, an untouched paradise, and live out your camper or glamper dreams. Ideal for those who wish to self-drive or join a tour group and sit back, relax and enjoy.

Feature image by Tourism Australia.